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Customer Testimonials
Below are some quotes of siteLevel users regarding their services:
"Being a book publisher that publishes worldwide in English and Spanish it is imperative that our clients can search our web sites thoroughly.  The service we get from siteLevel has not only met our requirements but also that the service provided by siteLevel is beyond reproach.  I can think of no conceivable reason why we would cease to use this cost effective, efficient and highly personalized service and cannot recommend it enough."
Graham Cook, WritersWorld.co.uk & Writersworld.com.es
"I don't normally do this, but I wanted to congratulate you on your 'siteLevel' service.
I'm currently setting up a directory of student related links for students in London, and I've just discovered and installed siteLevel.  I'm stunned at how well it works, as well as how professional the whole package functions - including its Usage Reports.
I will make sure to spread the word - brilliant."
"I don't often take the time to write companies offering free services, since most of them are filled with so much advertising that they're hardly worth offering on my site.
When I signed up for your search engine, I figured (as I always do), that if I don't like it, I just won't use it.  You can't imagine the number of things I've signed up for that have never been added to my site.
I must say, that I am VERY impressed by your service, and I'm glad to have it available on my site.  With your tool, it helps my users find exactly what they're looking for.  Your advertising is there, but it is discrete, and the level of customization that you offer is fantastic - I was able to create a search box that precisely matches the appearance of my site.
Fantastic product.  I am impressed, and I don't impress easily."
"I'd just like to say that your service is fantastic.  I had a JavaScript search program that worked very well, but I had to update the database every time I updated my site - very annoying.  Thanks to you, that's no longer a problem.
Thank you very much!"
"Thanks for a great tool.  I got rid of my prior site search tool and switched to yours."
"I put siteLevel on my site about a month ago.  Not long after first installing it, I noticed, from my account's Usage Reports, that the tool had a significant impact on visitor activity.  I could see that people were visiting more pages (my site has about 500 articles on it) and staying longer once they've arrived.
I've since decided to give your tool a prominent position on my pages, and I have noticed even more improvements to my visitor activity.  Simply put, the tool allows people to more easily find what they're looking for, and cause them to be more satisfied with my site.
Thank you so much for this amazing tool!

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