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Background Information
Initially titled "whatUseek intraSearch," siteLevel was developed starting in late 1997 and launched in early 1998.  siteLevel is the original in managed site search.  siteLevel's mission is to provide cutting-edge site search technology for virtually any type of web site and to do so in a user-friendly environment.

siteLevel's guiding principles include the following:

Powerful Search Technology – At siteLevel's core is its powerful search functionality.  siteLevel has a wealth of search features, including phrasing, boolean queries, flexible re-spidering, powerful URL structuring, relevancy ranking optimization, Search Slices™, Jump Words™, and many more.  Click here to view a full list of siteLevel's features.

Scalability – siteLevel is suited to handle virtually any size of web site, ranging from small business web sites to the largest of corporate sites.

High Quality Technical Infrastructure – siteLevel runs on the highest quality of technical infrastructure, meeting the needs of mission critical applications.  Click here to learn more.

User-Friendliness – siteLevel is provided in a user-friendly environment, taking into account varying levels of webmaster experience and ease of implementation.

Customizability – siteLevel provides extensive customizability of both appearance and functionality of the site search solution.

Quick and Comprehensive Support – Customer support includes comprehensive online help information as well as a staff of experienced and knowledgeable customer service technicians.

Comprehensive Reporting – siteLevel provides extensive reporting on search activity including search counter, keyword frequency, queries with no results, and many more.

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